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Why your mortgage company may have dropped the ball with the foreclosure case . . . and how one lawyer can help you
 fight back and stay in your home!

Dear Homeowner:

    Your mortgage bank is your enemy.  You fall behind and get calls day and night.  You try to make a payment and they send it back.  They won't work with you.  They inflate the amount due.

    What if you found out the only way they could take your home was to lie?  Would you let the bank take your home and kick you and your family to the curb?

    Or would you fight back as hard as you could, knowing that you could continue to live in the home you've worked so hard for?

    Just Because The Bank Starts A Foreclosure Doesn't Mean You Lose.

    The truth is there are powerful federal laws designed to help you - laws most people don't know about.  For example:

~    The mortgage company suing you isn't the same one that loaned you the money in the first place - does the bank even have the right to foreclose?

~   The foreclosure papers require very specific information - did the mortgage company file the papers properly?

~    The amount they claim you owe probably doesn't match up with your payment amount - is the mortgage company trying to load you down with bogus fees?

    Who am I?  I'm not only a resident of the area like you, I'm also a consumer rights lawyer. I saw hundreds of my neighbors lose their homes to deceptive mortgage companies.  First I got angry.  Now I get even.

    I consulted with the top minds in the mortgage world, learning their tricks and traps.  I uncovered the dirty little secrets of how mortgage foreclosure really works - not the stuff you see on the evening news.  I developed techniques for holding back the foreclosure so my clients could catch their breath.

    I learned how to fight back against foreclosures - and win.  My clients stayed in their homes longer than they dreamed possible.  Some of them saved tens of thousands of dollars.

    Now, let me help you fight your foreclosure.

Bankruptcy Is Not Always The Answer.
    I used to think bankruptcy was the only solution to foreclosure.  Now I know better. 

    Bankruptcy isn't a one-size-fits-all deal.  It's a last-ditch option.   I am a debt relief agency and some advice might include filing bankruptcy, but it's not the only way to get back your life.

    If the mortgage company is asking you for more money than you owe, or if they don't have the right to foreclose at all, going into bankruptcy may make the situation worse.

Time Is Limited, So You Need To Act Immediately.

    Once the foreclosure starts, you get only 30 days to file papers with the court. Your chances to fight back are limited after that clock runs down.  That's why you need to pick up the phone right now and call me at 618-931-1313 if you have property in Southern Illlinois.

    When you call, let my secretary know you have a foreclosure problem.  Tell her you need to see me immediately.  She'll squeeze you into my schedule for a free, no-obligation consultation.
We'll sit down together and review all your options, including the opportunities for financial recovery against the mortgage company.

    I look forward to having the chance to help you solve your foreclosure problem and get back on track. 
                                     Andy Miofsky  618/931-1313

Only accepting cases in Southern Illinois at this time

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